“Thank-you for the last three years, you have been wonderful for Tyler! I truly believe you provide a wonderfully nurturing, safe, and caring environment for kids. Thanks for all the extra effort you put into Just Like home by providing a beautiful, clean, and peaceful environment, for taking Tyler on special outings and for always giving so much of yourself! You are simply the best at what you do!”

John & Laura Mann

“Kathy is the best communicator in her field. I moved my children and myself from The Dalles to White Salmon just so my kids could stay in her care! She helped my older son deal with needing to get glasses and dealing with his feelings surrounding that. My children feels so loved and cared for at her home, they don’t want to leave when it’s time to pick them up! I would recommend Kathy to anyone I know, my children have NEVER been happier, more loved and respected while in her care. They feel like they are part of her family, She is an absolutely amazing childcare provider, mentor, and friend to our family.”

Heather Castro

“Kathy Miller has been the best daycare provider I’ve ever had the experience of working with.  My best friends children have attended Just Like Home for over three years and I transferred my son there on her word of how great Kathy is. She was right! My son has never been happier, he has blossomed in Kathy’s care. All I can say is get your children in when you can, her spots don’t last long!”

Tracy Fowlie

“Kathy’s dedication and professionalism in providing childcare is extraordinary. She is patient, persistent, and puts the children in her care first. The daycare facility is clean and well-equipped. Fees are extremely reasonable. I would recommend Kathy’s childcare services to anyone in need of a childcare resource.”

Katie Cordrey

“Kathy kept both of my nieces for about two years. One of them is special needs and when she first started there she was very far behind developmentally. In fact, we were told she would not be able to read, write, be potty trained, or take care of her own needs at all. Kathy said to us, “Let’s not focus on what she can’t do – let’s focus on what she can do.”

I’m so proud to say that when she left Kathy’s care she could do all of those things and so much more! She could paint the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever seen! She could calm herself down when she became upset, she could read, write, feed herself, use the restroom, sing her ABC’s, and play well with other children. I’m so happy we found Just Like Home!

Kathy is wonderful, sweet, caring, a kind individual with a huge heart who gives 200% every day. She takes children under her wing and let’s them be who they are! She encourages them, supports them, guides them and is a huge support to families. She is full of great resources and it’s awesome to find a childcare provider who has such a soft place in her heart for special needs kids. I’d recommend her to anyone!”

Bruce Amos

” My children have gone to Just Like Home off and on for the past five years. My kids have flourished, grown, and learned so much since they started going there. Previously, they had gone to a Center and we just were not happy with the lack of one on one and the feeling of total chaos. Now, my kids are reading, writing, and have learned more that I can imagine with Kathy’s help.

I feel blessed to have a childcare provider that does this job because she loves children! I’m also very impressed that Kathy is such a great advocate to other childcare providers. She constantly strives to be the best that she can be and her business is proof of that.”

Jesika Pettit

” My children have been attending Just Like Home for over a year, and will continue for as long as possible. Our experience has been absolutely amazing. I am very excited for Kathy to take our newborn daughter when I return to work. After working with Kathy and seeing everything she does for not just the kids, but the families as well, I would never consider taking the new baby anywhere else.

Kathy has great activities for the children and wonderful indoor and outdoor play areas for them as well. She also offers preschool, which helped my son get ready for kindergarten. As a working mom, I don’t have as much time to spend with my children to work on those little things they need, with Kathy I can rest assured that they are getting the love and care they need from a wonderful loving adult, when I am not able to be at home with them.

When my kids can’t go to daycare for some reason, they miss the atmosphere and care they receive there and can not wait to return! It makes me so happy to know that when I am at work my kids are with Kathy and I don’t have to worry about them. I know in my heart they are safe and sound.

Kathy is by far the best daycare provider that I have ever had the pleasure of working with, Just Like Home is just that, a home away from home, where children flourish and know that they are loved!”

Michelle Potts

” Just Like Home should really be called “Better Than Home!” My daughter absolutely loves this place and so do we. The care provided by Kathy  is unbelievable. Her knowledge, passion and love for children shines through in absolutely everything she does. Our daughter started with Kathy at six weeks old and in just a few months she’ll be two years old. I can not imagine anyone else taking care of her. Our son will be starting with her soon and there’s no where else in the world i’d send him (I would quit my job before I would send him anyplace else!) I never have to worry about my kids while they are in Kathy’s care. She’s simply amazing!

She is truly more than a daycare provider; she’s a fairy godmother in disguise!”

Mike & Erica Ruyle

” What can I say? Kathy is like family! We found Just Like Home when our son was just over a year old and we have relied on Kathy ever since. She is friendly and flexible. She has a wonderful philosophy that childhood should be fun and kids should be kids! My son loves her playground and her toys, but what he loves best is joking around with Miss Kathy!”

Jim & Yvonne Taylor

” What I absolutely loved about your daycare was that you were always very nice and caring to all the kids. You were always smiling and happy. I wish I was still little so I could still go to your daycare! I will always have the fun and memories that were shared with me at your daycare. You’re amazing”

Destiny Stohler