Meeting the Needs of Parents / Perks of Just Like Home


We offer preschool on Mon – Wed – Fri for our daycare children. Cost is an additional $30.00 per month / per child.

Car Chat Snack

On our sign in counter in the afternoons, you’ll see a little basket labeled “Car Chat Snack”. While we have our afternoon snack at 3:30, kids are sometimes starting to get hungry again around pick up time. Feel free to grab a bag to go to take with you. It’s a great conversation starter about how your little ones day was on the drive home!

State Subsidies

We accept Washington State subsidies for childcare services.

Military Subsidies

The US Department of Defense has partnered with state and local agencies to refer military families to nationally accredited civilian child care programs. Just Like Home is recognized as an eligible provider. To find out more, visit the National Association of Childcare Resource and Referral Agencies.

Tax Exemptions

When you choose licensed childcare, we provide parents with IRS from W-10 for the total amount you paid for childcare services. You may be eligible for childcare reimbursement costs on your yearly tax return.

Year Round Care

We are pleased to offer year round childcare to meet the needs of parents and their employers in our community.

Employer Contributions

Some employers offer flexible programs that allow you to set aside funding for childcare costs. Ask your employer if that is available for you.

Parental Communication

Just Like Home is on Facebook. This is a great way to keep updated on your child’s daily activities. We try to post pictures and updates often. This is also an excellent way for out of town family members to see what their little ones are up to!

Little Free Library

Just Like Home is happy to be part of the “Little Free Library” Organization. We have our own Little Free Library just outside of our entrance gate. The idea is “take a book, leave a book”. Feel free to take part in this and take a book home for your little one, or leave one inside. The kids love their library!

Parent Address / Phone List / Class List

We’re happy to hand out parent phone numbers, address, and email contact (with parent permission). This will enable all of you to have contact with other families in our daycare. Whether you want to invite children to birthday parties or get together for play dates outside of childcare; this is a great way to build relationships with the other families that we¬†provide childcare for.

Holiday Celebrations

At Just Like Home, we celebrate Holidays. For example, each Christmas we have a little party and each child goes home with a gift from Kathy. On Halloween, we have all the kids come in their costumes. We acknowledge each child’s birthday with special treats for snack time.