Just Like Home offers two different sessions for Preschool Classes:

Mon / Wed / Fri
Class is for ages 3 to 5
9 am – 11:30 am
September – June

Tue / Thur  
Class is for ages 2 to 5
9 am – 11:30 am
September – June

We focus on social skills, seasonal themes, holidays, art, and creative expression. Unlike a traditional curriculum full of worksheets and cookie cutter projects; we follow the child’s lead.

Here’s a great example from a January lesson:

Theme: Polar Bears

Utilizing the “My Big World” handouts from Scholastic, we focus on Polar Bears for the week. We then build on that theme and by the time we’re finished we have:

  • Looked up Polar Bear facts
  • Created our own Bear Dens to take home
  • Made a Bear Den at daycare to play inside of
  • Learned about animals that hibernate
  • Learned about Arctic animals
  • Counted
  • Learned about what Polar Bears eat
  • Watched Polar Bears fish on You Tube
  • Created Polar Bear pictures
  • Used arctic animals in our rice table for hours on end
  • Made Polar Bear crafts
  • Painted with Ice

Not your traditional sit at the table and do worksheets curriculum! But, it’s child lead and it works great for the curious little minds we care for.

Both sessions include morning snack and lunch.

Rates are $50.oo enrollment fee and $20.00 per session.